Removal Trade

If you are in the removals business, as we are, you know that there are many times when your customers need storage as well as moving services.

Many times your storage facilities are filled to capacity but you have drivers and removals teams ready to help residences and businesses relocate within the UK or throughout Europe.

Don’t turn business away simply because you have no room to store household goods or business items. Trek Removals can help with our affordable Trade Storage arrangements.

Let your consultants go out and give a quotation as usual, but when it comes to the need for storage which you haven’t got, no problem. We can help.
You have the option to let your removals team pack and transport in your industry standard containers or if those are in short supply, use ours!

Why Removals Companies in London & the South West of England Need Trek Removals

Whilst you are also in the removals business, there are a number of reasons why you may need to lease our facilities for storage. Here are some of the reasons many moving companies come to us:

  1. They don’t offer storage services.
  2. Their storage facilities are full to capacity.
  3. Many find they are able to cut costs by as much as 45% using our storage.
  4. Some removals companies simply want to increase space to grow their business.

Since we can offer Trade Storage with a discount especially designed for other companies in the same business, let Trek Removals partner with you. We both profit by working together to provide our customers with services they really need.

Safe & Secure Premises

You will also be happy to know that we will provide the same high level of security for your customers’ storage as we do our own.
Trek Removals is happy to partner with other removals companies. Together, we can provide the services our customers need so that we both win in the long term. To learn more about our Trade Storage arrangements, call us today on 0800 1389 242.